Bundle Stars Presents the Diamond Bundle – Great Game Deal on Undercovered Indies

Diamond Bundle Header

Lucy In The Sky With Indie Game Value

Diamond Bundle Header
Bundle Stars has compiled the Diamond Bundle. Adding to the rarity of these finds, 8 games have never been in bundles before. This 10 pack of titles brings together some fine indie gaming gems, all for less than the cost of cubic zirconia.

Dungeon Escape

by Alexey Roenko
Minimalist graphics accompany a brutally difficult 2D platform experience. Reach the exit of each stage while dodging a fierce array of traps and foes. Twitch reflexes and precision timing are in demand. Also, rock out with your block out to the tunes of HateBit.

Dino Run DX

by Pixeljam
When a gigantic meteor strikes the earth, your day isn’t going to get any better. Furiously pump your dinosaur legs to avoid being eviscerated by the giant wave of destruction emanating from the point of impact. Multiplayer and a selection of gameplay modes are available, but the goal is always the same: Get moving, or get fossilized.


by Ankama Games

Kwaan game screenshot, Kwaan tree

Kwaan, the tree of life, is in peril! Work online with other nature spirits and strike a harmonious balance with nature. Create new forms of life with a pixel editor. Survive long enough, and you can uncover the secrets behind the being’s origins. If Kwaan is unhappy, his tears will flood the land, and all will be lost.

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by Ocean Media LLC
Inspired by the arcade space shooters of the 80’s and 90’s, Zotrix packs in a wealth of ship customization options, and increasingly difficult waves of enemy spacecraft. Clearing levels nets you rewards that can be spent on more powerful upgrades and spacecraft.


by Choice Provisions
An advanced alien intelligence discovers the corpse of a human astronaut floating alone in the cosmos. Using advanced scanning techniques, the aliens seek to reconstruct the memories of the human, and hopefully come to understand what it is they have found.


Night Blights

by Trapdoor Games
Play a young child frantically touring his house to keep his family safe from an unknown evil. Keep the doors shut, protect the baby, and don’t let the fire go out. The creatures will try anything they can to get into the house, and once they’re in, you’re at their mercy.

Kiai Resonance

by Flying Interactive
Take up your blade in a head to head contest against Japan’s greatest legendary swordsman. Fight in a world resembling the classic paintings from Japan’s feudal history. A well placed strike can be deadly, so hone your skills in an array of training exercises. Take on AI opponents, or battle online for rank points.

Kiai Resonance

Hard Cube

by Unique Interactive Studios
Beautiful cartoon-like backdrops mask a wickedly challenging puzzle platform game. Treacherous obstacles are littered between you and your goal. Stay on the path, or it’s back to the start.

Rebirth of Island

by Yo_Serjio
After crash-landing on a hostile world, astronaut Gaius must learn about his new surroundings, and build shelter to survive. Each playthrough creates a new world with its own climate rules and creatures.

Rebirth of Island

There Was a Caveman

by Nauris Amatnieks
In what can’t help but be described as an homage to Atari 2600’s classic “Adventure,” this Jurassic platformer has a 4.5 star rating on steam with dozens of reviews. Some argue the controls are a bit floaty, but – have you ever PLAYED Adventure on a 2600?

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

A terrific collection of well-liked indie games for less than a coffee. Bundle Stars does one thing better than most, and that is package undercovered indies for an amazing price.

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