Bundle Stars Offers Seven New Games in Indie Legends Bundle 2

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Indie Legends 2 (The Bundle Strikes Back)

Bundle Stars, the UK bundle site run by game publisher Focus Multimedia, is following up this spring’s Indie Legends bundle with Indie Legends Bundle 2, featuring seven games for only $3.49, a 96% discount. The bundle features an eclectic mix of horror, FPS, strategy and puzzle platforming games:


from Monochrome

Contagion: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Contagion: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Attempting to focus more on realism, this multiplayer horror FPS features randomized rounds, multiple game mods and traditional zombies—they shamble slowly, but they won’t stop until you and your friends put a bullet in their skulls (or maybe a hatchet…or even a monkey wrench…or you could just blow them up). Contagion also features an “advanced gibbing system” allowing you to target individual zombie limbs and organs.

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

from Vertigo Gaming

Cook, Serve, Delicious!: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Cook, Serve, Delicious!: screenshot courtesy of Steam

A “hardcore restaurant simulator,” Cook, Serve, Delicious! combines strategic depth with fast and chaotic action. A free expansion, Battle Kitchen Edition, adds multiplayer support and a ton of indie game cameos. Pit one of the robots from Steamworld Dig against the shovel knight from Shovel Knight in Iron Chef-inspired competition! What began as a popular casual game has actually turned into something quite hardcore. Whether you use your keyboard or controller depends on your personal style in wrangling the near impossible. Or is it…? *eyebrow raise*

Stronghold Crusader HD

from FireFly Studios

Stronghold Crusader HD: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Stronghold Crusader HD: screenshot courtesy of Steam

The sequel to the original Stronghold, this game offers more of the series’ patented blend of construction-oriented RTS and historical warfare.


from Farsky Interactive

FarSky: screenshot courtesy of Steam
FarSky: screenshot courtesy of Steam

FarSky might be the first open-world survival game to take place entirely underwater. There’s a story mode to play through that tasks you with recovering the pieces of your crashed submarine, but better yet is the sandbox mode, with all the aquatic creatures you could ever hope to spearfish.


from BeautiFun Games

Nihilumbra: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Nihilumbra: screenshot courtesy of Steam

An atmospheric puzzle platformer in roughly the same vein as Braid or Limbo, but with an aesthetic and mood all its own, Nihilumbra uses a “five color” system for its puzzles. Come for the surrealistic Tim Burton-inspired graphics, stay for the clever puzzles and a storyline designed to increase the game’s replay value.


from Analgesic Productions

Anodyne Screenshot 3

Its retro graphics, overhead view and RPG action are reminiscent of an early Legend of Zelda game, but Anodyne sure doesn’t feel like one. IGR’s Kit Goodliffe praised this game’s storyline, calling it “part humor, part disturbing psychological exploration” and drawing attention to the game’s dual nature: “simultaneously a relaxing return to a familiar genre and a somewhat unsettling world that you’ll feel compelled to explore thoroughly.”


from IonFx

Miasmata: screenshot courtesy of Steam
Miasmata: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Also a survival game, Miasmata stands out from the crowd with its attention to environmental details and cartography mechanics. Misread your map, lose the trail and die of a broken ankle, just like on a real-life wilderness hike. (If that’s not enough, there is also a monster hunting you.)

Indie Legends Bundle 2 is available from the Bundle Stars website until September 21st at midnight. All games come with Steam keys, and the majority of them are available for Windows, Mac and Linux (Contagion, Stronghold Crusader HD and Miasmata are Windows-only).

Get the Indie Legends 2 Bundle at Bundle Stars.