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Who or What is IGR?

Indie Game Reviewer (IGR) is a truly independent opinion site that offers tips on getting into the world of independent game development, exclusive interviews with video game developers, designers, composers and artists, insider previews, reviews of the latest and greatest independent video games and a lot more.

Without any corporate agenda looming over its shoulder, IGR is a collective of independent gamers and developers – or in other words – just people who love games and writing about them, getting to know the international game community at every level and working hard to discover, play, explore and report with unbiased opinion on one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry, to draw attention to the developers and their ideas, and to help the end user decide where and when to spend their hard-earned money.


  • Have you got a game you are releasing and would like to see reviewed here? (Please note we do not often review demos when a full game is available). Please send a download link and/or redemption/access code for the game in your message. If possible, please include a link to a trailer. This is merely for convenience and does not affect our decision to cover your title. Submission does not guarantee we will cover your title, but we do make best efforts. We do not typically write about Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaigns. We prefer to cover games that are available to be played. We do cover all genres and sizes of game without bias.
  • Want to apply to write for IGR? Please send two samples of your writing to info at indiegamereviewer dot com
  • Interested in advertising with us? Promote your new title, product, or service to a highly targeted indie game player and developer audience! IGR has opened up 4 new 125×125 ad slots for indie game developers! Reserve yours today! Limited time only. 
    (You can probably afford it – so don’t be afraid to ask!)

NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: If anyone ever asks you for money to review your game on behalf of IGR, they do not actually write for us. If we approach you to review your title, the email must come from the domain. All other requests are not made by us. Devs – be wary of impostors!

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