Review: Castle Crashers

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Review: Castle Crashers


XBOX 360

Game Name:

Castle Crashers


The Behemoth


Action, RPG

Castle Crashers – What We Think:

In my career as a gamer I’ve become slightly embarrassed when I think of the sheer number of princesses I’ve saved. It has become an exercise in futility as the virtual conga line of evil wizards, slack-jawed giants, and demons of the dark abyss come traipsing across my screen with their diabolical plans that include kidnapping heiresses to the throne, ruling the universe, and occupying my free time.

Sadly, as we enter a millennium filled with convoluted, thumb-busting controls and eye-popping three-dimensional graphics, the simpler games of yesteryear fall by the wayside and are left to rot in the dusty attic known as nostalgia. Then I think to myself in an inquisitive yet playful tone, What if someone could create a game that utilized the power of the next-generation to re-invent a beloved genre of the past? Then, being a consummate video game professional, I answer, The Behemoth did just that with their side-scrolling, beat ’em up laugh-fest, ‘Castle Crashers’ for Xbox Live Arcade.

castle_crashers boss fight

Fun in the Age of The Bubonic Plague

Castle Crashers is a light-hearted look at damsels in distress and the heroes who love them. As the game begins, you’ll choose your protagonist and head into the fray where you’ll hack, slash, shoot, dismember, eviscerate, incinerate and slightly bruise mob after angry mob of knight-hating baddies. As your enemies fall on the battlefield, you’ll be rewarded with gold which can be used to upgrade equipment and you’ll earn experience to upgrade well yourself. Boss battles are strewn throughout the game and are equal parts challenge and hilarity with animations, special moves and environments that are sure to keep you smiling. That is, until your knight is pulverized and you’re forced to restart your quest.

Castle Crashers uses smooth animations and crisp graphics to re-create a violence-laden, interactive Saturday morning cartoon that next-generation die-hards would be proud to play. Throw in the laugh-out-loud humor, simple yet enjoyable gameplay, and the completely affordable 1,200 Microsoft Point price tag, and you’ve got a game that is sure to revitalize a lost genre and find a place in every gamer’s heart.

Yore In For a Treat

You control an animated knight in a hilarious adventure to save a princess from a variety of bad guys in a well-priced, well-constructed side-scrolling beat ’em up for the Xbox 360 (and now available for PC via Steam).

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Castle Crashers is available on Steam

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Article Source: Jarrod_Ploof

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  1. by far one of my favorite Vices on XBOX. It reminds me of a super cartoon version of WOW. It’s fun to play with other people…and u can play with ur friends across the country LIVE. I love this game so much..great review! thanks for sharing.

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