Wunderdoktor Review – Crazed Anatomy

Wunderdoktor Review – Crazed Anatomy

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Steam, Linux

Game Name: Wunderdoktor

Publisher: Ghostbutter

Developer: Ghostbutter

Genre: Action, Adventure

Release Date: October 11th, 2017

Wunderdoktor from Ghostbutter

The stress that engulfs any medical profession is unthinkable, but in Wunderdoktor, saving lives is a little less nerve-racking. Whether it be picking off strange sores from an individual or slicing branches planted within one’s abdomen, the Doktor always has unique patients to save with merely his sheer brilliance alone. That’s right – medication isn’t existent in the Doktor’s medical kit. Unfortunately, though, those high-class corporate dudes from Quack Co. aren’t a fan of the Doktor’s natural brilliance. Let’s be honest, they’re probably just jealous.

Doktor, Doktor, Give Me the News

Ghostbutter generates a unique experience in Wunderdoktor, presenting a variety of peculiar patients with even more peculiar health problems. Ranging from an inaudible hammerhead shark to a partying DJ with an eggplant as a head, the eccentric patients are half the fun.

The simulation begins with easy-to-follow introductory procedures. The patient arrives with the ring of a bell, briefly mumbling their health concerns. The Doktor must now use the tools automatically equipped to him in a first-person manner. Sometimes, vigorously clicking on pimples identified with a magnifying glass gets the job done. The patient then thanks the Doktor with a little added inspiration and carries on with their day.

Most of the time, though, the patient’s complications are a lot more…complicated than that.

Crazed Anatomy

Many of these peculiar beings have developed the strangest conditions. For example, one may be “haunted,” causing irregularities in many forms, while also harboring an infection of insect eggs. The bug eggs simultaneously hatch, revealing flying insects that must be eliminated before they lay even more eggs upon the patient. Yikes. Not to mention, every procedure is timed by a dwindling candle flame.

If the patient isn’t cured before time runs out, death engulfs the poor fella. Luckily, an infinite amount of retries are granted by the Doktor’s trusty gargoyle assistant, Stein 33. This way, memorizing the pattern of the patient’s plethora of odd infections makes conquering them less of a headache. Stein 33 also presents handy little tips to help the Doktor more effectively treat his patients. Curing these diseased folk may seem like a walk in the park at first. Their symptoms, however, become more problematic as the Doktor progresses.

Though a storyline is present, most of Wunderdoktor is clicking enthusiastically in a somewhat careful manner to cure infectious beings. Sometimes, sores or insects plucked from a patient get thrown into a burner. As soon as the burner is “full,” it then produces what appears to be a piece of semi-vital information for the Doktor’s personal Almanac. This nifty addition to Wunderdoktor is still a bit of a mystery to me, but appears to be an extra challenge for the Doktor and his gargoyle pal.

This Won’t Hurt a Bit (It’ll Hurt a Lot)

The most enjoyable aspect of Wunderdoktor boils to down all of the eccentric procedures the Doktor must perform on his patients. Enthusiastically slapping the sense back into a shark that has lost his way while simultaneously dodging falling leeches about sums up how intriguing these victims are. I found myself laughing out loud at berry pimples. Two seconds later, frustration overwhelmed me with how annoying the procedures could be. Nonetheless, a Doktor’s gotta do what a Doktor’s gotta do.

Overall, Wunderdoktor presents an innovative puzzle experience embraced by an array of quirky and semi-morbid features. Although the action can become repetitive after a while, the challenging operations and outlandish characters maintain a good chunk of excitement. Not to mention, it’s incredibly rewarding to kick the corporate fools’ butts at Quack Co. just by being awesome.

Wunderdoktor is available via Steam.

[xrr rating=”3.5/5″]

Watch the official trailer for Wunderdoktor below:

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