Animated Sean Astin Hosts New Online Videogame Series Launching December 2019

Animated Sean Astin from new online series about videogaming


Actor Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Goonies) presents “What You Don’t Know” about gaming in a new 10-episode online series that will explore the history of game development and the video game industry.

Episodes will run the gamut from the origins of the Xbox, how Mario got his name, where the Pokémon phenomenon started and many more. Season 1 of the show is focused on video games, while subsequent seasons may venture out to other topics and industries.

The show’s producers, Mediajuice Studios, have produced a long list of video game trailers, documentaries and television shows. The Dallas-based agency was founded by Jeremy Snead, a Texas native who began his film career with a producing partnership with Astin.

What You Don’t Know is Astin and Snead’s fourth project as a producing team, after Video Games: The MovieUnlocked: The World Of Games, Revealed, an upcoming film about Nintendo, and a documentary on magic with Penn Jillette.

“There are so many fascinating and hilarious fun facts about the gaming world, and hopefully our little series can both entertain and inform people about some of these little microcosms in video game history,” Astin muses. “We hope to do more on different topics in the future.”

Astin and Snead are making the show for a variety of streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook Watch and Instagram TV. The first episode will air live on December 20th.

Snead, also writer and creator of the show, explains “Nowadays, parents can get overwhelmed by the gaming world, and conversely their kids may not know or appreciate the history of gaming. Sean and I had fun creating a series of video shorts that hopefully speaks to both groups.”

Check out the official trailer for “Game On” below: