Ultimate Fishing Simulator Preview (Early Access) – Fishing with Your Dad Simulator 2018

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Preview (Early Access) – Fishing with Your Dad Simulator 2018

Platforms: Windows PC, Linux, Android, Steam

Game Name: Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A., Playway S.A.

Developer: Ultimate Games S.A., Bit Golem

Genre: Casual, Simulation, Sports

Release Date: November 30th, 2017

ESRB Rating: E

Ultimate Fishing Simulator from Ultimate Games S.A. and Bit Golem

Ultimate Fishing Simulator from Ultimate Games S.A. and Bit Golem is honest right from the start. Although it is still in Steam Early Access, it genuinely is the ultimate fishing simulator.

Fish On!

Fishing games have had their niche following for years. Gone are the glory days of the ’90s, when Sega and Konami would regularly release solid fishing titles on PC and consoles. These days, the higher rated fishing games are released on mobile platforms. Fishing games can be separated out into two subgenres: arcade and simulation.

While arcade fishing games have received a fair amount of commercial success, the line between arcade and simulation has often been blurred in fishing games. This has resulted in games less like a simulation and more like a fast-paced sports title.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator takes a few arcade elements and a lot of RPG elements into a fine balance. Reeling in the big ones requires the right tools, technique, and a whole lot of patience.

Reeling in the Big Ones

Starting off with basic equipment, Ultimate Fishing Simulator immediately places you at a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. The peaceful tranquility isn’t interrupted by gameplay. Upon casting a line into the lake, the waiting game begins. A slow reel will help attract fish to the bait. Before long, a fish comes to take a little nibble. One must wait before the strike. Pulling back on the rod sets off the timeless battle of man vs. fish.

Reeling in a fish can feel a little arcade-like, but only in the sense that there’s a bar displaying rod tension. Full controller support is useful, too. When the rod’s tension gets too high, the controller will vibrate. Effective use of the reel’s draw is the key to success, as in real life. A combination of tightening and loosening the draw based on rod tension will tire the fish out, allowing it to be easily reeled in.

I’ve Caught You a Delicious Bass

A great addition to the fishing in Ultimate Fishing Simulator is the leveling system and item acquisition. Each fish caught earns EXP, and leveling up allows the player to spend skill points on attributes, EXP boosts, store discounts or features such as the use of a boat.

Caught fish can also be set loose for an extra small amount of EXP or sold for some money for use in the in-game store. The latter is usually a better idea, as a vast amount of upgrades are available for purchase. Everything from upgraded rod and reels to a variety of bait, spinners, lures, floats, etc. are available to go after specific trophy fish in each of the four fishing areas.

The game is forgiving to those not immersed in fishing knowledge, giving tips as to what is effective for catching each fish. A detailed encyclopedia is also available for perusal.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is markedly polished for an Early Access game. There’s also a free mobile title available, almost equally robust but lacking in terms of controls. The PC version still needs a little bit of work done, perhaps more content added to enrich the experience. Nonetheless, I was addicted to this fantastic game and spent some time coming back to it; it’s now my new go-to when I’m craving a relaxing gaming experience.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is available via Steam.

[xrr rating=”4.5/5″]

Watch the official trailer for Ultimate Fishing Simulator below:

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