Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2012, Honorable Mentions and IGR’s Most Anticipated Games for 2013

Honorable Mentions (con’t)

Katawa Shoujo

(Four Leaf Studios)
Original US Release: Jan. 4, 2012

Born of a discussion on 4Chan about building a game around an illustration of a disabled girl, Katawa Shoujo, which translates to “Disability Girl” takes the “eroge” style – a typical adult erotic manga style of interactive story. Courageously, it takes the perspective of protagonists who live with a variety of disabilities from heart arrhythmia to amputated limbs, and treating them with respect, as opposed to scorn or ridicule, fear or disgust.

While the adult content can be toggled off, the game is a fascinating blend of ideas, engagements with morality, and a title that has won over many hearts over the course of the year.

Download Katawa Shoujo for free at by clicking on the title above.

[See Also:] Analogue: A Hate Story (IGR review) by Christine Love, which, although of substantially different subject matter, also pushed the eroge style of interactive story forward in a very unique and edgy way. The title explores how woman were treated as secondary citizens during an ancient Korean dynasty.


(Ronimo Games)
Original US Release: May 1, 2012

HappyWulf says:
“One part side-scrolling platformer, one part creep-laning MOBA, and all parts Awesome. Romino shows us that just about anything can be blended if done with enough heart and soul. This little platform-jumping MOBA has so much character it’ll take you back to your milk and cereal eating days on early Saturday Mornings.”


(Ed Key and David Kanaga)
Original US Release: Q3 2012

A magical, immersive three-dimensional world done in 8-bit pixel art quite unlike anything else out there. It breathes, lurches, and swims along with your exploratory urges, inviting you in and mesmerizing you. Whether or not there is a point to it depends on who you are.

A Virus Named Tom

(Misfits Attic)
Original US Release: Aug. 1, 2012

A whimsical, devilish version of QIX meets Bomberman, with kitschy graphics and a terrific original soundtrack, this action puzzler just seemed to get us coming back for more. Clever puzzle designs and a local co-op (or versus mode if you want to make it that way) resulted in a legitimately fun new arcade game with lots of style to spare.

a virus named tom

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