The Computer gaming revolution is here to stay

Author: Owen

The video game revolution is very real. Believe me I know because I have lived it and I have seen it in action. My son is a video game fanatic he plays all the time and will not take a break to eat sleep , or go outside unless I force him to. There is something about video games that we simply love. My son once described it as a cartoon where you get to be the main character and who does not love cartoons. But there has to be something a bit more to the full video game thing than just it being a game because people simply take this thing way too seriously not to mention that the amount of money that is spent on video games numbers in the billions every year.

The video gaming industry is probably the largest and most profitable of all the entertainment industries in the world. However what is most unique about video games is that it is not just an American phenomenon. The games appeal to kids and young adults as well as fully grown people across all cultures. Video games are popular in the United States and Canada and Japan. Wherever there is a somewhat industrialized and technological society you will see video games in abundance.

There was an estimate that in the next ten years there will be a different video game for every person on the planet. This number is sure to be surpassed as video games no longer need to be made on some sort of removable media for a particular platform. now a video game by can be played by anyone with a computer and a high speed Internet connection. Many of the video games that are produced on computers are known as flash.

Flash games are usually shorter and simpler than the type of games that are produced for various video game consoles. There are increasingly complex types of flash games that are known as Internet based games. These Internet based games work on the same principle as flash games however they offer greater depth than traditional flash games. They are typically less violent, and are more likely to be approved with less restrictions than those that are produced for platforms. This is a good thing since parents have less control over when and where their children can play with based video games. Kids do not need access to a particular platform or even a particular game. All they need is a computer and they are playing video games.

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