Deathtrap combat screenshot

Review: Deathtrap

Combining aspects of games like Diablo and Dungeon Defenders with classic tower defense mechanics, Deathtrap puts a new spin on striking down waves of foes.

Tesla Wars II screenshot - Redness

Review: Tesla Wars - II

Tesla Wars – II by Synaptic Wave is a great action based mobile defense game that is perfect if you want to kill some time on-the-go. Read more…

Fat Chicken screenshot - Path

Review: Fat Chicken

Fat Chicken by Mighty Rabbit Studios makes animal slaughter surprisingly comfortable in this satirical, but whimsical tower defense game. Read more…

Review: Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs

Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs is a tower defense game with a RTS twist. There is a lot that can go wrong when combining these genres. How well do they blend?

CastleStorm screenshot - pretty battleground

Review: CastleStorm by Zen Studios

From Zen Studios – the indie developers behind Pinball FX, comes a tower defense, physics-based mashup with eye-catching design and multi-platform support.


Review: Shad'O

French indie game development company Okugi Studio brings us Shad’O – a new take on the crowded Tower Defense genre with some alluring visuals and attempts to push the tradition into new territory. Does it achieve the dream, or succumb to the shadows? Read the full review…

Review: Terrorhedron

Master your blasters faster, or face disaster. Waves of attackers will test your mettle. Upgrade, stack and program your units to create the ultimate defense.

Revenge of The Titans - Screenshot 2

Review: Revenge of The Titans

If you’re a fan of tower defense games and like the retro-minimalist art style evident in the screenshots you’ll be in gamer heaven with Revenge of the Titans.