An Octonaut Odyssey screenshot beauty abounds

Review - An Octonaut Odyssey

Stranded on a strange world, a space-traveling octopus must reclaim his lost technology pods in An Octonaut Odyssey. Using their powers, he can survive this dangerous land and repair his spacecraft.


Review - Replica by Somi

You’re locked in a cell, staring at someone’s smartphone. The government has locked up your family, and won’t release them until you find incriminating information. Read our full review of Replica.

Jazzpunk screenshot - cowboy sushi

Review: Jazzpunk

Jazzpunk from indie developers Necrophone Games builds a world in which the insane is both possible and probable, pushing every joke one step further than convention would dictate. Read the full review…

Can't pass through the Renaissance without slaying a dragon...

Review: Rock of Ages

In Rock of Ages, Sisyphus escapes Hades, but now must race through time. Roll through the great periods of art history, squishing tyrants and warlords that get in your way.