Review: Cloudbuilt by Coilworks

Cloudbuilt elevates free-running beyond its previous role as a support mechanic. Guide Demi in a fast paced trek through a bizarre sky realm. Read our review:


Review: Intake by Cipher Prime

Destroy waves of pills as they rain down. Fail, and you overdose. Cipher Prime’s Intake is fast-paced, twitchy good fun. You won’t be kicking this habit.


Review: Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon from indie developers Robot Loves Kitty offers a four person co-op Rogue-like with beautiful pixel art and an alluring lighting technique as you attempt to defy death through a couple dozen hack n slash levels…

poker night 2 screenshot B

Review: Poker Night at The Inventory 2

Face off against heroes from the Venture Bros, Borderlands, Evil Dead, and Sam and Max in a winner-take-all poker tournament. Great cross-game prizes await!


Review: Monaco

Monaco by indie devs Pocketwatch Games is a slick co-op robbery adventure. Assemble your team of criminal specialists, and reap the spoils of the perfect heist.



Shattered Haven: An Indie Game Review

In Shattered Haven, from indie developers Arcen Games, your shelter from the zombies is gone. Now the undead are everywhere, and the way to dispatch them isn’t always clear. To survive, solve each puzzle on the fly.