Mysterious Space game screenshot, haunted

Review – Mysterious Space

Mysterious Space started off as an entry in the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. It’s continued to grow more impressive. Read our full review.

Duskers game screenshot, drone attack

Review - Duskers

Duskers is a haunted – and haunting – space sim where you may very well be the last human in the universe, with only remote controlled drones to keep you company. Read our full review.

Review: UnReal World

While UnReal World has only just appeared on Steam, it has been around for a long time, having been in development for over two decades. Read our review of its latest iteration.


Review: Vampire of the Sands

Vampire of the Sands is a retro-themed adventure that pits the hero against a cabal of nasty desert boss enemies. Read our full review.

Review - Thea: The Awakening

Thea: The Awakening is an experiment in multiple genres that pays off with unique gameplay that is at once both innovative and familiar. Read our full review.

Darkest Dungeon: a character becomes fearful

Review: Darkest Dungeon (Early Access)

Even in Early Access, Darkest Dungeon is a compelling – even compulsive – combination of light roguelike mechanics and thick, Lovecraftian atmosphere. Descend into the abyssal depths to read our full review…


Review: Captain Forever Remix

Captain Forever Remix from Pixelsaurus Games and Future Crayon offers a surprisingly involving experience for spaceship-building and combat fans who don’t mind a little childish whimsy. Read the full review…

Review: Oblitus

Oblitus is a side-scrolling 2D platformer that prides itself on its difficulty. Despite beautiful imagery there are some issues. Read the review…

Review: Tallowmere

Tallowmere is a Rogue-like RPG platformer from indie developer Chris McFarland – read our full review…

Vertical Drop Heroes game screenshot

Review: Vertical Drop Heroes HD

A fancy upgrade to the popular Flash game Vertical Drop Heroes from indie dev Nerdook Productions proves to be a valuable renovation. Read the full review…

One Way Heroics, wandering through the wilderness

Review: One Way Heroics

One Way Heroics from indie developer Smoking WOLF is a turn-based RPG roguelike and a forced scroller. Read our full review…

TinyKeep, a mysterious skull in chains

Review: TinyKeep

A rogue-like dungeon escape with simplified action combat and semi-randomized levels, TinyKeep hides its fiendish difficulty behind cute characters.

Full Mojo Rampage, mini-boss fight

Review: Full Mojo Rampage

New Orleans voodoo by way of Tim Burton makes for a cute but sinister aesthetic in Full Mojo rampage -the addictive action rogue-like from Over The Top Games. Read our review…

Review: Shattered Planet for iOS

Shattered Planet from Kitfox Games is a challenging, free to play game that is all about exploration. Strap in and venture forth into the unknown randomness.