Freedom Planet screenshot - Miniboss

Review: Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet by GalaxyTrail is a fantastic 2D platformer inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. And it’s one of the best platformers in years. Read more…

Tcheco screenshot - Castle

Review: Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio

Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio from indie dev Marcelo Barbosa is a nonstop, 8-bit platformer that will test your platforming skills as well as you memory.

A Pixel Story, the Chosen One

Review: A Pixel Story

A Pixel Story is the latest video game about video games; it’s also a fiendishly difficult platformer. Read the full review…


Review: Dr. Green

Take to the trees with Dr. Green! This retro-themed platformer pits the titular character against the scourge of industrialization. Read our full review…

Never Alone, fleeing a polar bear

Review: Never Alone (Kisima Ingithchuna)

Based on Inupiaq folklore and even narrated entirely in the Inupiaq language (with subtitles in English), Never Alone (Kisima Ingithchuna) is a gorgeous and unusual approach that works in spite of a few rough edges.

Triera, many platforms

Review: Triera

Falling to your death has perhaps never been so beautiful as in this release from Russian developer Egor Rezenov.


Bad Bots game screenshot - 2

Review: Bad Bots

Developed by Point 5 Projects, Bad Bots is a 2D shooter set aboard a massive retired battleship turned toxic waste hauler. The small army of robots onboard have turned against their human masters and it’s your job to fight your way through the horde. Read the full review…

Starseed Pilgrim screenshot 1

Starseed Pilgrim - An Indie Game Review

Droqen presents Starseed Pilgrim – amidst the darkness, plant seeds to create a vibrant sanctuary garden. Beauty awaits those patient enough to cultivate it.

Review: inFlux - by Impromptu Games

In InFlux you roll through the landscape that covers a mysterious island. Enter bizarre structures and solve puzzles to reach the land’s furthest reaches. Read the full review!

The Escapist screenshot 2

Review: The Escapist

The Escapist is a platformer game developed by Backstab Games – a two-man team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presently vying for glory via Steam’s Greenlight initiative, IGR explores whether it stands out enough to make its mark…

Gateways games - Laser screenshot

Review: Gateways

Gateways is a 2D Platformer and successor to indie game developer Smudged Cat Games’s The Adventures of Shuggy. Gateways pushes the platformer with puzzles, portals and ponderous processes. But does it prevail? Read the full review…

dust: an elysian tail - screenshot

Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Dust: An Elysian Tail from tiny indie development team Humble Hearts for XBOX Live Arcade is a beautifully rendered, multi-layered platform that forms the near-perfect play experience that is the basis of this review…


Offspring_Fling! screenshot - 1

Review: Offspring Fling

Offspring Fling! from independent game developer is an easy to pick up, difficult to master platformer offering overing a hundred levels with several interesting twists. Read the full review…

RobotRiot game - screenshot 2

Review: RobotRiot

RobotRiot is a classic shooter/platformer reminiscent of a wide array of classics from the arcade era. The gameplay will be instantly familiar to anyone who enjoyed retro titles like Contra or Megaman; you take control of a small robot with a rapid fire cannon, running, gunning and puzzling your way through various levels set on space ships. RobotRiot certainly ticks the retro box but does it bring anything new to the table?

Review: The One and One Story

The One and One Story is a free-to-play browser based platformer with a slight flair for melodrama. This game has an aesthetic style and narrative that is reminiscent of Braid in that it is a mildly bittersweet romance with a dark atmosphere in its excellent artwork. While a short experience, it has some noteworthy qualities.