3089 screenshot 3

Review: 3089

In 3089, indie dev Phr00t delivers a rogue-like RPG action shooter in a procedurally-generated realm, but creates something a little less block-based. A fitting sequel to 3079. Read the full review…

Review: Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon from indie developers Robot Loves Kitty offers a four person co-op Rogue-like with beautiful pixel art and an alluring lighting technique as you attempt to defy death through a couple dozen hack n slash levels…

Cube World - mountain view

Preview: Cube World

The preview of Cube World by indie devs Picroma promises a new take on the randomly generated cube-packed landscape. How does this ambitious newcomer stack up?

Review: Legends of Dawn

Legends of Dawn is a successfully Kickstarted open-world RPG from Dreamatrix with high ambitions that sometimes seem beyond reach…

Review: Skyward Collapse from Arcen Games

In Skyward Collapse from independent developers Arcen Games, even with the power of the Creator, no force can directly control humanity. Use your divine powers to ensure that conflicting races don’t wipe each other out.

Bad Bots game screenshot - 2

Review: Bad Bots

Developed by Point 5 Projects, Bad Bots is a 2D shooter set aboard a massive retired battleship turned toxic waste hauler. The small army of robots onboard have turned against their human masters and it’s your job to fight your way through the horde. Read the full review…

Starseed Pilgrim screenshot 1

Starseed Pilgrim - An Indie Game Review

Droqen presents Starseed Pilgrim – amidst the darkness, plant seeds to create a vibrant sanctuary garden. Beauty awaits those patient enough to cultivate it.

Anodyne Screenshot 3

Review: Anodyne

Anodyne – by Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka – is a soothing, dark and surreal adventure through the subconscious mind of the human known as Young.

Review: Anna

Anna is a horror game wherein you search out clues and solve puzzles to traverse an abandoned sawmill that is shrouded in mystery.

Review: A Pixel Escape

Ever wonder how that annoying black pixel appeared on your expensive display? Help one dot on his journey to slip the bonds of his flat screen prison.

Review: Waking Mars

waking Mars from indie game developers Tiger Style had a very successful year, moving quickly from its initial iOS release to an improved PC port and then Steam via Greenlight. Discover why this game continues to earn new fans…

Review: Blood, Grain and Steel

Blood, Grain and Steel is a a streamlined turn-based strategy game with overtones of chess and procedurally generated maps as an option from independent Uk developer David Walters. Read the full review…