The Escapist screenshot 2

Review: The Escapist

The Escapist is a platformer game developed by Backstab Games – a two-man team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presently vying for glory via Steam’s Greenlight initiative, IGR explores whether it stands out enough to make its mark…

Towns 3

Review: Towns

Despite having been released on Steam, Towns from SMP is still being developed at the moment. New features are going to be added in the future as the game approaches completion. This review will focus on the game as it exists at the moment, rather than on its impressive potential.

Vampires! game - screenshot

Review: Vampires!

Vampires! is the latest title from developers CBE Software, the team behind the sci-fi game J.U.L.I.A. This time they’re putting their skills to work in an innovative puzzle game crossing Lemmings with reverse tower defense. Read the full review…

giana sisters twisted dreams screenshot - dino dragon

Rreview: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams from Black Forest Games is the story of how a Super Mario Bros. clone that was once blocked by Nintendo not only lives on but surpasses expectation with a very successful Kickstarter campaign and now release on multiple platforms and consoles.

FTL Doomed

Review: FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is a sort of roguelike space sim successfully Kickstarted by indie developers Subset Games that has taken the indie gaming community by storm. Read the full review…

Snapshot game - Elephant screenshot

Review: Snapshot

With over a hundred levels spread across four environment types, Snapshot from indie developers Retro Affect games (spearheaded by Kyle Pulver) uses picture-taking as its primary puzzle solving game mechanic. Read the full review…

The Trouble with Robots Screenshot 4

Review: The Trouble With Robots

From indie game developers Digital Chestnut comes The Trouble With Robots – a side-scrolling customisable card game set in a fantasy world invaded by robots bent on building MegaMalls! Read the full review…

War In a Box: Paper Tanks - screenshot

Review: War in a Box: Paper Tanks

War In A Box: PaperTanks from indie developers DQ Team offers a new look (literally) at Tower Defense, but is that enough to set it apart in this evolving genre? Read the full review…

Snorms - an isometric shooter - screenshot

Review: Snorms

Snorms is an isometric shooter which may be influenced by DOOM from French developer Jean-Baptiste Simillon. Read the full review…


Review: Resonance

Resonance is an ambitious new futuristic Point-and-Click adventure from Wadjet Eye and XII Games. Read the full review…

Review: On The Shoulders Of Ancestors

Developed by Jaroslav Meloun (aka Jarnik), On The Shoulders Of Ancestors is a vertically scrolling platformer with a few unique twists to its gameplay and a charming retro artistic theme. Read the full review…

Review: Hero Core

Dan Remar’s indie game Hero Core is bare bones black and white shoot-em-up goodness with a feisty soundtrack to back up the action.