Hunter's Legacy game screenshot, blacksmith

Review - Hunter's Legacy

Hunter’s Legacy is a better than average action adventure that will appeal to old school platformer fans and the cat-obsessed alike. Read our full review.

Rot Gut game screenshot, bloodstained

Review - Rot Gut

Rot Gut is an old school platformer set during the Prohibition. Is it the cat’s meow, or just a mug’s game? Read our review to find out.

Greedy Guns game screenshot - swarm

Preview - Greedy Guns

Greedy Guns, by Tio Atum, is a 2D platformer with a lot of guns and a fun combat system inspired by Metal Slug and Contra. Read more…

Axiom Verge screenshot - Boss

Review: Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge by Thomas Happ LLC is a great example of how to do a Metroidvania right. Its inspirations are clear, but it does enough to stand out. Read more…

Apotheon: breaking up a party of satyrs

Review: Apotheon

A series of Greek tragedies in the best possible way, Apotheon is old school Metroidvania with a classical aesthetic based on the painted pottery of the ancient world. Read our “epic” review…