Preview - Badass Hero (Early Access)

Badass Hero brings together Rogue-like mechanics and over-the-top comic book themes. Is it on track to become the next superhero blockbuster? Read our Early Access preview…

Review - Greedy Guns

Greedy Guns by Tio Atum is an action-focused 2D platformer inspired by games like Metal Slug and Contra. But does it do enough to stand out? Read more…

Greedy Guns game screenshot - swarm

Preview - Greedy Guns

Greedy Guns, by Tio Atum, is a 2D platformer with a lot of guns and a fun combat system inspired by Metal Slug and Contra. Read more…

Mercenary Kings 1

Review: Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings celebrates the golden age of side-scrolling shooters. Pick up items along the way and craft new ways to punish your foes. Read our review.


Review: Super Time Force Ultra

The mysteries of time travel lead to single-player co-op in Capybara Game’s new action shooter Super Time Force Ultra. Read the review…

Review: Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2 drops you into a world ravaged by high-tech weaponry and mechanized tyrants. Strap on your favorite guns, and bring the thunder (and a can opener).