The Deadly Tower of Monsters: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a B-movie science fiction sensation disguised as a video game! Or is the other way around? Read our review to find out.


The Top 10 Indie Games - 2014

Here are Indie Game Reviewer’s top 10 best and favorite indie games from all of 2014 chosen by its 10+ writers from around the world.

Transistor screenshot Red

Review: Transistor by Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games’ Transistor is a triumph. Lead Red through a crumbling utopia in the hopes of saving a deteriorating democracy from the the clutches of the Camerati.

Primordia screenshot - Goliath

Review: Primordia

His power source stolen by a violent mindless automaton, Horatio Nullbuilt and his companion must venture into a robotic realm he detests if he is to survive. Read the full review of Primordia, the latest release from Wadjet Eye Games…