Review: Nadia Was Here

Nadia Was Here claims to be a unique take on an old genre. Does it stand out among the titans of its genre? Find out in our review.

BlockLegendDX werewolf battle

Review: Block Legend DX

Block Legend DX brings together a matching puzzle game with some light…and we do mean light…JRPG elements. Read our full review.

labyrinthine dreams demon

Review: Labyrinthine Dreams

In Labyrinthine Dreams, you are on death’s door. You reconstruct memories by solving various puzzles. Each new problem binds you to a new set of rules.

QuestRun screenshot 5

QuestRun - an Indie Game Review

QuestRun strips away everything but the active turn-based battle. Earn experience levels and powerful items, and watch as the baddies just keep getting badder.