The Top Ten Indie Mobile Games of 2016

Our 2016 list of top mobile games focuses on those games that really exploit the specific portable, touchscreen-driven nature of the mobile device. Read on…


Review - Space Food Truck

Space Food Truck serves up a tasty blend of FTL-inspired interstellar encounters and Futurama-flavored sci-fi comedy. Fire up the grill and read our full review.

Galaxy Reavers game screenshot, combat

Review: Galaxy Reavers

Can Galaxy Reavers compress complex RTS elements into a mobile framework? Read our review to find out!

You Must Build a Boat screenshot 2

Review: You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build a Boat is the more than worthy successor to EightyEightGames’ already excellent RPG/puzzler 10000000. Sail the river, match tiles, fight monsters, and read our full review!

Prison Life RPG screenshot - Jail Cell

Review: Prison Life RPG

This satirical prison life simulator for Apple devices is a decent enough time-killer, but its punishing, dice-driven mechanics and crass humor won’t be for everyone.

Boogey Boy screenshot - shadow horse

Review: Boogey Boy

Boogey Boy by Goon Studios is a great, randomly generated, endless runner about a character that’s trapped in a nightmare. Can you find a way out? Read more

Rocket Roy screenhot - hazards

Review: Rocket Roy

You must tilt and tap to reunite Rocket Roy and Jezebel in Rocket Roy – a challenging physics-based platformer by RainingSundayAfternoon. Read more…

Pentumble screenshot - green key

Review: Pentumble for iOS

Don’t let the idea of a 2D platformer on a touch device scare you off. Pentumble is one of the few 2D platformers that does controls right. Read more…

Color Sheep game for iOS -lightning storm-320x480-75

Review: Color Sheep

Think you can multitask? Then try your hand at the color-mixing, button mashing madness on offer in Color Sheep from Trinket Studios.


Top 5 Best Mobile Indie Games of 2012

We are going to keep this one short and sweet: There are simply hundreds of thousands of indie games available on the iOS and Android platforms so it is impossible to attempt to be comprehensive, let alone definitive. Instead, we are going to point out five that we spent a lot of time with and thought were as solid as could be. Here are IGR’s top five favorite mobile indie games of 2012

MegaCity Screenshot - low property values

Review: MegaCity HD

MegaCity HD, from indie developer Cole Jeffries, aka Cole{Powered is a surprisingly deep tile-based puzzler available for iOS and Android with some notable differences between platforms. Read the full review and learn why it’s a standout…