Review - Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty by Team Shifty takes cues from Hotline Miami but creates a fun new experience thanks to a clever gameplay mechanic. Read more…

IndieCade 2016

Read our full coverage of the official award winners at the 2016 IndieCade Festival, which took place October 13-16 in Los Angeles, California!

Aaru's Awakening: Dusk

Review: Aaru's Awakening

This short but beautifully hand-drawn platformer will see you utilize teleport mechanics in a new way as you explore and battle the four phases of the day.

Armello: grid-based board

Review: Armello

Win the most influence as a hero of a crumbling animal kingdom in Armello, from League of Geeks – a magical online board game.


Review: Dead Effect by Badfly Interactive

After waking from cryo-sleep in space, you must arm yourself against the remains of your former crew. Improve your weapons and mow down waves of zombies in Dead Effect from indie developer Badfly Interactive.

Crypt of the Necrodancer box art

Review: Crypt of the Necrodancer

Mixing dungeon-crawling with rhythm action, Crypt of the Necrodancer from indie developer Brace Yourself Games, is perhaps unlike anything else that has preceded it.

Mercenary Kings 1

Review: Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings celebrates the golden age of side-scrolling shooters. Pick up items along the way and craft new ways to punish your foes. Read our review.

Hearthlands, a bustling little town

Preview: Hearthlands

Hearthlands from Artefact Games has the potential to be quite a clever take on the classic village-builder as the developers continue to add features.


Review - The Detail: Where the Dead Lie

The Detail is a noir-themed adventure-game-as-graphic-novel from indie dev studio Rival Games Ltd that emphasizes narrative and character over difficulty.

Pixel Boat Rush screenshot - blue

Review: Pixel Boat Rush

Pixel Boat Rush is an apt title for XperimentalZ Games’ retro-themed water-borne speed racer. How do the rolling waves and pop-reference rivals come together? Read IGR’s full review…