Reprisal Universe Screen 2

Review: Reprisal Universe

Reviving many of the concepts which Populous brought to our screens back in the late 80s, Reprisal Universe from indie dev electrolyte puts you in the role of a deity, guiding a population in their struggle against rival factions. Read our full review…

CastleStorm screenshot - pretty battleground

Review: CastleStorm by Zen Studios

From Zen Studios – the indie developers behind Pinball FX, comes a tower defense, physics-based mashup with eye-catching design and multi-platform support.

Review: Spice Road

Spice Road explores the establishment of European trade routes with the East during the 18th century. It’s an important period of human history, yet one that’s seen few portrayals in gaming. That’s a shame, because it’s a concept rife with strategic potential—exploration, resource management, construction and trade in foreign lands full of military threats, political intrigue and cultural clashes could keep strategy fans engrossed for countless hours.

Democracy 3 game screenshot 3

Review: Democracy 3

Democracy 3 from independent game developer Positech Games is an ambitious, custom-designed neural network is used to model individual voters. Read our review of the game, still under development