Review - Weapon Shop Fantasy

Weapon Shop Fantasy lets you run one of the countless shops seemingly dedicated to keeping characters armed to the teeth in every RPG!

Review - In Extremis

What sets In Extremis apart from Space Invaders and Galaga? Read our review to find out!


THE ATTACK PACK by ATTACK MOUNTAIN is a three-game bundle that aims to bring back the arcade cabinet feel thanks to its minimalistic design. Read more…

99Vidas 1

Review - 99Vidas

Relive the glory days of the side-scrolling beat-em-up in 99Vidas. Select from an elementally charged pack of heroes, and bring the fight to your many foes.


Review - 911 Operator (Alpha Build)

Field calls as a 911 Operator, and get your teams to disasters across real city maps. Dispatch the right units to avoid catastrophe. Read our preview.


Review - Replica by Somi

You’re locked in a cell, staring at someone’s smartphone. The government has locked up your family, and won’t release them until you find incriminating information. Read our full review of Replica.

selma moon

Review - Selma and the Wisp

Selma and the Wisp’s dream world of eerie obstacles is intriguing…or perhaps nightmarish, depending on your perspective. Read our full review.

Review - Heart&Slash

Heart&Slash charms so much with its fast-paced tactical combat and endearing soundtrack, you’ll forget you’re playing a Roguelike…right up your until sudden death. Read our full review.

Review - Bacteria

Bacteria is an attempt to build a puzzle game out of Conway’s Game of LIfe. Will it infect you with its charms, or just make you sick? Read our full review.

Systematic Immunity game screenshot 2

Review - Systematic Immunity

Systematic Immunity as an antibody-themed platformer that hits all the right targets, from perfectly crafted levels to charming music and graphics. You might even learn something about the human body! Read our full review.


Braveland game screenshot, battle

Review - Braveland Wizard

In Braveland Wizard, a young wizard gathers up allies and seeks out a grand adventure. Read our review of this turn-based, hex-based adventure.

Balrum game screenshot, village

Review - Balrum

Balrum is a well rounded RPG with survival, strategy and crafting elements, giving players lots of options and an open world to explore. Read our full review.

Zasa game screenshot 5

Zasa: An AI Story

Zasa: An AI Story blends a storyline inspired by contemporary computer science with a clever new take on a classic puzzle style. Connect the dots by reading our full review…