Review: Astroslugs

Indie game Astroslugs from developer Bit Barons is a sticky, gooey puzzler that drips and oozes charm. Available now for Windows PC and Mac. Read the full review…

Game Review: Megan And The Giant for iOS

Megan and the Giant, a game for iOS from independent game developer Studio Pepwuper promises much but delivers somewhere short of that. Read the full review…


Indie Game Review: Clickr

The Indie Game Reviewer crew get together for some good old PvP in Clickr, a slick and fun new tile-based puzzle game from NTREEV Soft. Read the full round-table review…


Review: Power of Defense

Review of Power of Defense from indie developer 4SDK – does this tower defense-styled game for Mac, Win and Steam merit the deployment of you strategic genius?

strange world castaway

Review: Strange World: Castaway

As first efforts go, Strange World: Castaway from developer Pure Indie Games, is good. It’s your standard platformer, but with some nice level design. And it’s a free download for Windows. Read on to see how the game fares overall.