Review: Waking Mars

waking Mars from indie game developers Tiger Style had a very successful year, moving quickly from its initial iOS release to an improved PC port and then Steam via Greenlight. Discover why this game continues to earn new fans…

Towns 3

Review: Towns

Despite having been released on Steam, Towns from SMP is still being developed at the moment. New features are going to be added in the future as the game approaches completion. This review will focus on the game as it exists at the moment, rather than on its impressive potential.

Vampires! game - screenshot

Review: Vampires!

Vampires! is the latest title from developers CBE Software, the team behind the sci-fi game J.U.L.I.A. This time they’re putting their skills to work in an innovative puzzle game crossing Lemmings with reverse tower defense. Read the full review…

Syder Arcade 1

Review: Syder Arcade

Spyder Arcade is a retro inspired side-scrolling space shooter that harkens back to the days of Thunder Force and even older arcade classics like Defender. As a self described “love letter” to Amiga and PC games of the early 90s, Syder Arcade comes with a couple of unusual features that set it apart from its peers. But is this enough to warrant the price tag?

War In a Box: Paper Tanks - screenshot

Review: War in a Box: Paper Tanks

War In A Box: PaperTanks from indie developers DQ Team offers a new look (literally) at Tower Defense, but is that enough to set it apart in this evolving genre? Read the full review…

Snorms - an isometric shooter - screenshot

Review: Snorms

Snorms is an isometric shooter which may be influenced by DOOM from French developer Jean-Baptiste Simillon. Read the full review…


Review: Power of Defense

Review of Power of Defense from indie developer 4SDK – does this tower defense-styled game for Mac, Win and Steam merit the deployment of you strategic genius?

Review: Frogs vs Storks

Cateia Games, the makers of Kaptain Brawe present a puzzling struggle for swamp supremacy with puzzle game Frogs vs Storks. Stay on your webbed toes, or croak.

IndieCade 2010 Coverage - Review: Fractal

A review of Fractal from developer Cipher Prime as Indie Game Reviewer covers the IndieCade 2010 independent games festival in Culver City, California.

“Slick, explosive and wickedly addictive. Fractal brings together the best parts of Hexic and Lumines, and then blows them both to itty-bitty pieces.”

And Yet It Moves

The indie game scene is funny in that something that has years of history can be so below the radar that introducing it again can be fresh news to the majority. Isn’t that, after all, why we are here? To cast some light on the thousands of hidden gems in the dark mines and pathways of the metaverse? Read IGR’s review of “And Yet It Moves”

World of Goo

This sounds ridiculous, but World of Goo combines a story line that is very affecting by any standard, graphics that leave players stunned and amazed and a level of game play rivaled by no other game currently on the market. It’s that good. For Windows, Mac, Linux or WiiWare