Howdy, Jacob! Review

Howdy, Jacob! By SeedBolt Studios is a puppet-filled FMV hidden-object game set in an intriguing dystopian future. Read more…

How to Shoot a Criminal game screenshot 1

Review - How to Shoot a Criminal

How to Shoot a Criminal is a full-motion video adventure inspired by Her Story but set at a 1930s newspaper. Is it headline-worthy? Read our full review.

Damn Virgins game screenshot, FMV

Review: Damn Virgins

Damn Virgins, a Spanish adventure comedy heavily influenced by the classics of the genre, succeeds with the jokes but stumbles as a game. Read our review.

Humble Bundle FMV feature

Humble FMV Bundle

Humble Bundle’s weekly bundle deal features a series of games incorporating full motion video…plus a chance to record your own. Read on for details.