Best Video Game Music 2017

Best Indie Game Music of 2017

Indie Game Reviewer chooses the top 10 best original video game music scores and soundtracks of 2017. Listen now…

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IndieCade 2017

Check out our most memorable impressions and experiences from this year’s IndieCade festival, which took place in Little Tokyo earlier this month.

Killing Time at Lightspeed game screenshot, FriendPage feed

Review - Killing Time at Lightspeed

Killing Time at Lightspeed is an interactive fiction piece exploring civil rights, technology issues and the theory of relativity. Read our full review.

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Review: Guacamelee

Guide luchador Juan on a quest to save his boyhood sweetheart from Calaca, a villainous skeleton. Bring the pain to the baddies in this life, and the afterlife.

Bad Bots game screenshot - 2

Review: Bad Bots

Developed by Point 5 Projects, Bad Bots is a 2D shooter set aboard a massive retired battleship turned toxic waste hauler. The small army of robots onboard have turned against their human masters and it’s your job to fight your way through the horde. Read the full review…