Blackwell Epiphany - The Light

Review: The Blackell Epiphany

The Blackwell Epiphany brings the Blackwell saga to its epic conclusion. Rosa and Joey try to zero in on a force that is destroying souls. Read our full review.

Review: Cognition - Episode 1

Erica Reed is a detective with a rare gift: She can see into the past. Only her talent paired with her deductive prowess can help her catch four notorious killers.

botanicula - screenshot 1

Review: Botanicula

From Amanita Design, Botanicula is an incredibly engaging illustrated point and click adventure that confounds and surprises at every turn. Read the full review…

blackwell deception screenshot - I can see right through you

Review: Blackwell Deception

While there are less and less developer making them, Wadjet Eye nails the adventure genre into the haunted floorboards with its latest release Blackwell Deception.