Penarium 3

Review: Penarium by Self Made Miracle

In Penarium, Willy is forced to perform in a twisted circus. While crazed onlookers call for his demise, he must nimbly dodge a series of deadly traps. read of review of this new indie game title from developer Self Made Miracle.

Ubermosh screenshot 1

Review: Ubermosh

Ubermosh drops you into a pit filled with enemies, and a countdown timer. How many armed thugs can you take down in 90 seconds armed only with a sword?

Luckslinger screenshot 1 desert

Review: Luckslinger, by Duckbridge

The Wild West meets hip hop music in a world where luck and survival run hand in hand. Only the fortunate will find their fortune. Read our full review.

Finding Teddy 2 Cave

Review: Finding Teddy 2

Use the power of arcane music notes to unlock more of the world in Finding Teddy 2. Master new skills, and go find Teddy! Read our full review.

Air Guardians screenshot 3

Review: Air Guardians

Take to the not-so-friendly skies in Air Guardians. This arcade air-combat pseudo simulator will pit your wits against multiple bogeys. Read our full review.


Review: Dr. Green

Take to the trees with Dr. Green! This retro-themed platformer pits the titular character against the scourge of industrialization. Read our full review…


Review: BOMB from La Moustache Studio

BOMB is La Moustache Studio’s attempt at something new in the flight simulation genre – an action arcade game with mission objectives and more. Our review..

Abyss Odyssey 1

Review: Abyss Odyssey

The Art Nouveau themed Dantean beat ’em up from Chilean indie developer ACE Team features a confluence of ideas that make it something quite unlike anything else.

Tassurus 1

Review: Tassurus 3012

Tassurus 3012 for XBOX 360 boasts of thousands of levels of top-down shooter action. Is this action indie game retro-chic, or haunted by the Ghost of Shooters Past?


Review: Bounty Puncher - Enter The Fist

Rack up intergalactic bounties. Punch your enemies. Then punch them again. Oddly enough, this sci-fi buddy comedy by Axe Fall Studios packs almost no punch at all.


Review: Combo Crew

Mr. Boss has locked the greatest fighters of all time in his tower. Take command and fight your way out! Employ all of your touch-screen-fu to defeat your foes.