Steam Next Fest June 2023 – TheOvermatt’s Six Steam-Powered Selections

Next Fest 2023

Steam’s recurring demo showcase, Next Fest, just wrapped up its run for June 2023, so let’s talk about it! I braved the depths of the festival to find six games you should be putting on your radar.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

by Mimimi Games

The latest isometric stealth action game from the team behind Shadow Tactics and Desperados III looks to more than live up to its pedigree. Swapping samurai and cowboys for undead pirates, Shadow Gambit has you guiding your crew of ghouls as they seek fame and fortune while pursued by a fire-obsessed cult. Mimimi Games’ signature stealth action is as strong as ever, and the game’s gorgeous production is an absolute delight.

Check out Shadow Gambit: The Curse Crew on Steam.

En Garde!

by Fireplace Games

Keeping the swashbuckling theme going for a moment, En Garde! offers a cheeky take on the spectacle fighter genre. Fights frequently see you outnumbered by goons, and simply trying to hack and slash your way through will get you killed fast. However, almost every object in the environment can be used to your advantage. Kick tables and chairs into your enemies to stun them, knock them into weapon racks to bury them in a pile of heavy gear, and tons more. It’s a novel concept that never got old during its lengthy demo.

Check out En Garde! on Steam.

Fortune’s Run

by Team Fortune

Maybe you’d prefer some cyberpunk grit and grime over the Caribbean sun? Well, Fortune’s Run has you covered. A hybrid of first-person shooter action and immersive sim exploration, this feels like a long-lost hidden 90s gem that mixes Quake with System Shock. Block bullets with your sword, stack crates to find hidden alcoves, and navigate a sprawling dystopian city; the gang’s all here. The aesthetic and voice acting are also spot-on, and the final product promises both PVP and co-op multiplayer.

Check out Fortune’s Run on Steam.

Laika: Aged Through Blood

by Brainwash Gang

Take one of those old browser-based motorcycle physics games and blend it with Mad Max; the result is Laika. A post-apocalyptic story about a lone rider facing down a threat to their village, this game is simple but immensely satisfying. You zoom along intricate areas while trading shots with enemies, using your motorcycle to block and deflect bullets, and doing tricks to reload your gun and recharge your abilities. It’s intensely rad to play and only made better by some solid animation and writing.

Check out Laika: Aged Through Blood on Steam.

Sucker For Love: Date to Die For

by Akabaka

Are you a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos but secretly wish his creatures were less horrifying and more… sexy? Let it never be said that the internet doesn’t cater to ALL tastes. Sucker For Love is a visual novel dating sim where you can romance the eldritch abomination of your choice! It’s a strange concept, but with a combination of gorgeous anime art, hilarious tongue-in-cheek writing, and some high-quality voice acting, this has the potential to be a strong entry into the genre. Even if simply looking upon it might drive you mad (with lust).

Check out Sucker For Love: Date to Die For on Steam.

Gravity Circuit

by Domesticated Ant Games

There’s no shortage of retro throwback games available these days, meaning new ones must work even harder to stand out. Gravity Circuit manages this thanks to both strong presentation and gameplay that’s like a greatest hits collection of Capcom‘s 8-bit era. You run and jump like Mega Man, grapple across terrain like Bionic Commando, and hack and slash like Strider. Sure, it might not be the most original game on the market, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have an absolute blast playing it.

Check out Gravity Circuit on Steam.

Did any demos catch your eye this month? Let us know in the comments!