Rise of Dmitry – Ironclad Tactics DLC Expansion Explores the Back Story


Rise to the Challenge

Ironclad_Tactics_bannerZachtronics, makers of Spacechem, released the first DLC pack for their realtime deck-building game Ironclad Tactics today. Play through this new campaign and reveal the backstory of Dmitry and his fearful army transforming Ironclads.

Tech’s Mechs

As evidenced by our review of the base game, this alternate history CCG packs a punch on its own. How would the American civil war have played out if both sides were in command of towering steam-powered mechs?

Unlock cards to build a supreme deck, bringing it to face off against story mode, or go head to head with another player. The active turn-based play-style keeps you on your toes, and even the sharpest of players is still at the mercy of the luck of the draw.

Ironclad Tactics: Screenshot from Rise of Dmitry DLC

The new content features 8 new stages, plus the daunting multi-stage challenge “Fort Phantom Ridge”. Hit the final wall after collecting all available cards? This upgrade will also allow players to add up 18 new cards to their collections.


New to the realm of Ironclad? Purchase the deluxe edition, and this pack comes with. If you already own the base game, you can purchase the DLC separately. The deluxe edition comes packed with the DLC. Whatever the case, build up a head of steam and starting boosting your decks.

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Get the Rise of Dmitri expansion pack for Ironclad Tactics (base game required)