Sam & Max Save the World Remastered Review – An Updated Classic

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered Review – An Updated Classic

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Sam and Max Save the World Remastered

Publisher: Skunkape Games

Developer: Skunkape Games

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: December 20th, 2020

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered from Skunkape Games

Sam & Max Save the World is one of the many classic adventure games from the much-lauded Telltale Games, now being remastered by Skunkape Games, a studio that includes several members of the original development team.

A Long and Celebrated History

Available on Switch, PC, and Xbox One, Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is a classic point-and-click adventure game following the crime-solving exploits of an anthropomorphic dog and his rabbity companion.

Sam and Max animated gif

When Telltale closed its doors in 2018, a small group of the original team acquired the game rights and remastered the season with higher resolution graphics, improved audio, new musical tracks, and a number of other enhancements. Check out the complete list of changes and updates in Sam & Max Save the World Remastered.

Sam and Max themselves are based on the comic book of the same name by Steve Purcell. The characters were launched into fame by LucasArts with their first adventure game, setting the scene for a long history as LucasArts gave way to Telltale and now to Skunkape. Like most of the adventures released by Telltale Games in the last two decades, Sam & Max Save the World is split across numerous episodes, each with its own story but all connected by an underlying narrative thread.

Hypnotically Humorous

The story of Sam & Max Save the World is built around the nefarious use of hypnosis technology. The first episode sets this up with a dangerous video being distributed that, when viewed, hypnotizes the audience. The investigation typically takes the form of exploring several locations strewn with noteworthy items of interest. Many end up being mere prompts for a little light humor from the protagonists, but others lead to clues or help to unravel puzzles in order to progress. The player controls Sam, but Max often takes the spotlight or provides essential assistance.

The humor – and, indeed, puzzles – are usually of the surreal sort or, at the very least, slightly to the side of logical. This calls for a somewhat cartoonish brand of lateral thinking; for example, one of the earliest problems involves providing a mouse with some cheese. The mouse is, of course, particular about his cheese and demands the Swiss variety. Sam and Max keep their enormous stock of cheese in a nearby cupboard and, to provide Swiss cheese, it’s necessary to shoot up the supply and riddle it with holes.

Many puzzles involve working out an oddball solution of this sort, while others call for clever wordplay. There are also many items that can be acquired that may later be necessary to unravel a puzzle or progress. Generally, progress through the game is fairly unimpeded, and the puzzles don’t pose too strong of a challenge, but the offbeat wit and snappy, surreal story should be enough to maintain interest when the difficulty does not. The puzzle-solving bulk of the game is broken up here and there with some welcome variety, such as driving and pursuit segments.

Sam and Max dead presidents

Redrawn for Your Pleasure

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered has enjoyed an impressive update in its visuals and the comic book-inspired style serves to convey its quirky satire of American culture well. A bouncy jazz soundtrack provides a solid musical setting for Sam and Max’s adventures, and altogether the aesthetic comes together in a cohesive way.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is a worthy relaunch of a well-respected series. Skunkape Games have made it clear that they intend to proceed with additional remasters and work through the Sam and Max series. With authentically funny comedy, surreal satire, and a curious story sure to keep you engaged, Sam & Max Save the World is an excellent adventure title for fans of the genre.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is now available via the Nintendo Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, and GOG.

Check out the official trailer for Sam & Max Save the World Remastered below: