Review – Krai Mira: Extended Cut

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Review – Krai Mira: Extended Cut

Platforms: Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Krai Mira: Extended Cut

Publisher: IMGN.PRO

Developer: TallTech Studio

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Release Date: April 4th, 2017

Krai Mira: Extended Cut from TallTech Studios

In a post-apocalyptic world engulfed in toxic waste, Krai Mira exemplifies the dangers the human race faces as they fight to survive. Developed by TallTech Studio, survival isn’t a walk in the park; fiends of all shapes and sizes are out for blood. Nonetheless, the journey isn’t much of an exciting one. Though Krai Mira offers some decent features, it lacks in aspects that matter the most.

Krai Havok, and Let Slip the Dogs of War

At first glance, Krai Mira received a respectable head nod. It mirrors characteristics of the original Fallout games, immediately sparking wide-eyed excitement. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered. Character customization is nonexistent and accompanied by a very weak background story.

Adventures categorized as “RPGs” typically present in-depth stories that draw the player in. Krai Mira vaguely covers the history of neither Earth’s current condition nor the main character’s former or current life. Sure, the Big Bang is mentioned periodically. Unfortunately, it’s through mundane text-based conversations with other survivors.

Designed as a point-and-click adventure, Krai Mira’s world is of a decently large size. Roaming an entire area before progressing forward can award the main character with some nifty equipment. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Confronting enemies – some cannibalistic – and triumphing typically gifts gear, medication and experience points to empower the main character.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Krai, Krai Again

Krai Mira’s turn-based combat can be a little time-consuming, especially since every step he takes decreases the character’s Action Points (or AP). Even opening the inventory screen during combat – which is a guessing game on its own, with its absence of item descriptions – depletes a substantial amount of AP. Though I may have learned the hard way, determining my weapon of choice before entering a new area saves a lot of time (and sometimes even blood.)

krai mira inventory

Ah yes, there will be blood along with other crude happenings. Though Krai Mira lacks in story and other features, the realistic events that take place are what one would expect in a post-apocalyptic world. Krai Mira doesn’t sugar-coat in its portrayal of a not-so-pretty picture conveying how rape, alcoholism and prostitution are fairly common. That’s right – feel free to chat with a bunch of intoxicated folk or rent a prostitute. These happenings are undoubtedly cringe-worthy, and Krai Mira won’t coddle the weak-hearted.

Krai Tough

Additionally, how you choose to interact with other survivors makes a difference: I thought it would be hilarious to joke with the town drunk, but apparently he didn’t think so. The next thing I knew, the entire village was ready to serve my character’s head on a golden platter.

Luckily, conversing with everyone isn’t a necessity. In retrospect, most of them are up for trading items or playing dice for nuts, Krai Mira’s currency. It’s actually pretty cool, because each item has a value and they can be bartered for something your character might desperately need. Hence, lugging around all of the miscellaneous items found while out and about is recommended.

krai mira dialogue

Don’t You Krai No More

Along the way, friends and compromises are made, and suddenly this unforgiving world isn’t so scary anymore. NPC allies wander alongside the main character and assist in any conflicts that may arise. Personally, my little dog pal was my favorite partner-in-crime. If he happened upon an item, his bark would echo through the speakers and a vibrant arrow would appear to showcase his findings. Regrettably, finding other places or items of significance isn’t that simple.

In many new RPGs, maps are a player’s best friend. When roaming a world so large, having the knowledge of important locations lessens frustration by a considerable amount. Krai Mira does offer a map to its players, but it is very ambiguous and doesn’t specify whereabouts. It’s basically a fancy blueprint of the current area with no extra information.

Onscreen, there will be moments where glowing arrows can be used as a tracker as to where to go, but this isn’t always the case. Gameplay tips also occasionally pop up, which is definitely helpful for new players. Frequently checking the Quest Panel does present the character’s next objective, but some can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

krai mira environment

It’s My Party, and I’ll Krai if I Want To

As progression is made in Krai Mira, saving the game as much as possible will prevent a lot of heartache. Granted, a “Replay” option is available if a group of foes knocks off the last bit of HP from the main character. Typically, the same area is reloaded when this option is chosen, but the enemies are usually different. In a nutshell, one minute rabid cannibals could be plunging at the party’s faces and the next, a man wielding a shotgun could shoot everyone into oblivion. It’s luck of the draw.

Krai Mira has a lot of potential but lacks in many areas. Though the environments are well-polished, the gameplay could use some sprucing up in the company of more exciting features. I was disappointed by how undeveloped the story was or how drab the combat could be at times. For an experience that could blossom into something extraordinary, it is sitting at mediocrity at best.

Krai Mira: Extended Cut is available via Steam.

[xrr rating=”2/5″]

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