Reckless Squad – An Indie Game Review

Reckless Squad – An Indie Game Review


Windows, Macintosh

Game Name:

Reckless Squad


D2P Games


D2P Games


RTS (Real-Time Strategy)

Release Date:

October 11, 2010

Developer Summary:

Reckless Squad is a real-time strategy game with a unique focus: your only goal is to protect a convoy during its dangerous journey. You have at your disposal many units with unique abilities and you must figure out how to use them best to face hordes of enemies in various situations across the world.

Sometimes you will find places to rest, recruit new units and buy better equipment. And sometimes you will have to defeat or escape from terrible creatures.
Every journey is unique, the game will adapt itself to your way of playing by helping you or by pushing you to your last boundaries. However, it will always ensure that you get the most enjoyable experience.

Key features:

  • Intense and strategic battles, use your troops and their capacities wisely to defend your convoy or defeat the bosses after an epic fight.
  • Every journey is unique: the game adapts itself to the way you play and the environments are created procedurally. You will never experience the same thing twice.
  • Fight endless hordes of monsters in the Arena and see for how long your strategies can keep you alive.
  • More than 40 achievements for you to unlock and 11 missions to complete.
  • Twelve classes of units for you to chose from. Ranging from the good old Soldier and Archer to the more exotics Black Mage and Samurai. Every class of unit have its own distinct (and somewhat twisted) personality. Most of them have secondary weapons with very different effects, allowing you to build complex strategies.
  • Travel across a fantasy universe filled with elves, werewolves, pirates and ninjas… amongst others. Discover various environments, from the forest to the mountains, passing by the desert. And it’s always served with humor!

What We Think:

Reckless Squad is one of those titles that kinda sneaks up on you. In fact, when I began its tutorial, I had already made up my mind that my over all review of the game was probably going to sound like this:


Suddenly I caught myself looking away from the screen, after a crushing defeat, only to realize I had been playing for an hour. A pretty good sign.

The game is pretty straight forward: protect a convoy by getting it from point A to point B, all while fending off encroaching baddies. And don’t be fooled by the 8-bit Bourne Identity soundtrack. This game is medieval. You get archers and mages, not snipers and Navy SEALS.

The simplistic form of the game, with a dash of spice via special soldier units and upgrades, make Reckless Squad worthy of its $6 price tag. While the game isn’t all that much to look at and it’s clear from the play control that this isn’t a game for the serious RTS lover, it is still definitely worth a play.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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