Freedom Planet screenshot - Miniboss

Review: Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet by GalaxyTrail is a fantastic 2D platformer inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. And it’s one of the best platformers in years. Read more…

Luckslinger screenshot 1 desert

Review: Luckslinger, by Duckbridge

The Wild West meets hip hop music in a world where luck and survival run hand in hand. Only the fortunate will find their fortune. Read our full review.

Disorder screenshot - writing on the wall

Review: Disorder

Whether Disorder is about depression as actual disorder or as a result of great personal loss, Disorder is the superb video game representing mental duress.

BIC Fest featured image

Busan Indie Connect

Busan Indie Connect, Korea’s first ever convention for indie game developers, takes place this September in South Korea’s second largest city and will feature 100 games, conference sessions, networking parties and more.