Pac-Match Party – Celebrating 30 Years of WAKA WAKA WAKA

pac-match party
Pac-Match Party – Celebrating 30 Years of WAKA WAKA WAKA

Platforms: Web browser

Game Name: Pac-Match

Publisher: NAMCO

Developer: NAMCO

Genre: Tile

ESRB Rating: General Audience

Get Your Gobble On
According to a study conducted by RescueTime research, when Google displayed a working Pac Man game as its logo to commemorate the 30th anniversary, it cost society $120,483,800 in productivity. This alone should be testament to the game’s awesome staying power.

Pac-Match Party is an entertaining re-imagining of the classic Pac-Man game, released to celebrate the hungry little man’s 30th birthday. Featuring game play along the lines of the more recent game Bejeweled, you swap adjacent characters (in this case ghosts, cherries, birthday gift power-ups and Pac Man himself) to create chains of three or more matches to clear tiles.  Rack up as many points as you can while Pac-Man noms his way around the play area, all the while being chased by a ghost. Frequent matches will let you stay ahead of the ghost, but it’s game over if you’re too slow. Larger chains will drop fruit in Pac Man’s path, and matches adjacent to a Pac Man character on the board will be chomped for extra points.

Pac-Match celebrates Pac Man 30th Anniversary with a tile based puzzle game from NAMCO

Pac-Match Party is a great variation on the match-game theme with a few extras that set it apart from the crowd and great for all ages. Fans of Free Realms, now used to these sorts of mini games will feel right at home, except here, with the twist of Pac-Man wandering the outer perimeter, they have a new twist.

I know that I’ll be going back to play again to see if I can top my high score. It ties in the themes of the classic game well and even has three intermissions as in the original game. It is a fun way to celebrate a milestone anniversary of one of the most famous video games on earth.  Happy Birthday, big guy!

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