Humble Mobile Bundle 5 – Top Shelf Indie Games For Your Handheld


Wherever you go, Remember to be Humble

Admit it: you have space on your SIM card just itching to be filled with some great indie games. Humble Bundle promises to fill that digital void with 6 titles in its latest Humble Mobile Bundle. As always, you can pay what you want and get the first 3, but exceed the average, and snag all 6.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow

Crescent Moon Games


This 3D RPG adventure brings together the makers of Ravensword: The Fallen King, and Mark Jones, famed artist from The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Search a vast realm, and guide a unique hero on a most intriguing quest.

Bag It!

Hidden Variable Studios

indie_game_reviewer_bag _it_promo

Shop til you drop! Actually…scratch that…you’re on the job, and your job is to bag the groceries of the shoppers in your line. Your queue is in a hurry, and packing things in the wrong order is going to cost you. Bag it right, or get sacked!

R-Type II


Two years after their defeat, the Bydo Empire is back, and determined to take back all that was previously liberated. Unlock the power of new weapons, and drive the maniacal horde back in the direction from whence they came (which would be the right side of the screen).

Feeling Above Average? Collect These Spoils:

The Cave

Double Fine Productions


Create a team of 3 from 7 unique party members and travel down into the shadowy depths of a host of subterranean locales. This visually appealing mystery game is the brainchild of Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine Productions, the brainy bunch behind classics such as Psychonauts and Costume Quest.

The Room Two

Fireproof Games
Need MOAR ROOM? You’re not alone. Prequel The Room received a BAFTA award for its enigmatic 3D approach to puzzle solving.


In the latest installment, a path of clues emerges from the seemingly distracted scribblings of a mysterious scientist. You’ll need to read between the lines and solve a series of complex puzzles and devices if you are to have any hope of finding the truth.


Dish out tiles to create the landscape that best suits your kingdom. Your foes will try to undo your efforts to suit their needs. Your only chance to emerge victorious is to be steps ahead of the race. Face cunning AI opponents, or square of in local hotseat multiplayer contests. A beloved classic, nicely executed.

Get Mobile

More games are on their way, but with the average purchase price at just under $5 USD (at time of posting), the time to get in on the deal is now. Don’t forget: your purchase also supports charities.

Get The Humble Mobile Bundle 5

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