Update: Humble Bundle with Android 7: Amazing Indie Games+ in Multi-Platform Bundle Deal


Humble Bundle with Android 7

Anodyne and Incredipede in the same Humble Bundle?!

The Humble Bundle has been a force for combining some top-notch cross-platform entertainment for the PC, Mac, Linux and Steam and this latest iteration is no exception – maybe one of the coolest yet – except that once more they have added Android versions for you as well.

Smartphones are a miracle of technology, to be certain, and multicore chipsets can be found in some of the latest Android devices. But with great processing power comes the need to keep that wee little super-brain busy, lest it resent you for not giving it enough to do. The good news is this: time spent by your ‘droid playing awesome games is time NOT spent plotting your demise.

Their newest cross-platform bundle features 4 stellar titles for those watching their pennies, and an additional 2 for those able to drop a bit more coin. Load them to your Android, Mac, PC or Linux based device and yes, Steam keys can also be generated. As a super bonus, you also get soundtracks for all the games in mp3 and lossless FLAC formats. In fact the terrific ambient score for Anodyne even adds a second remix version in this package.

On to the games!

Ticket to Ride

This challenging and highly addictive railroad game calls upon players to try to complete as many train routes as they can before the game ends. What begins as an innocent family board game can quickly turn chillingly cutthroat. Online multiplayer mode is a must to enjoy the full experience and is well supported and populated with extensive online leaderboards. The bundle also comes wit the USA 1910 DLC. Which is awesome.

Ticket to Ride. Screenshot courtesy of Steam.

Greed Corp

There’s gold in them thar hills! Knock them down, take your spoils and build an empire, but beware to not overreach, lest you literally dig the ground up from under you. Terrific graphics and tight gameplay make this a guaranteed good time. What you claim in victory may not be pretty, but it will be yours.

Greed Corp. Screenshot courtesy of Steam


Meet Quozzle. He’s a highly customizable life form. You’ll have to augment his structure and musculature to guide him through various deadly puzzles. With the right “maker” calling the shots, he might just have a chance to survive. Incredipede is a physics puzzler with wood-burned graphics that also carries the distinction of being one of our honorable mentions for 2012.


Anodyne turns the retro-style RPG on its head. Take a dark, dangerous and moody trip through the mind of Young, a human. Bask in the eerie and unsettling surroundings as the mysteries of your subconscious begin to emerge. Think David Lynch meets Legend of Zelda. This game alone is worth the low price of admission.
Click to read our review of Anodyne

Anodyne Screenshot 2

Hey Big Spender

A recent scientific study that cost millions of dollars concluded that having 6 games is way better than having 4 games. Fortunately, to enjoy this bonus abundance of games, you only need to part with about USD $6.50. So go for broke (or at least slightly poorer), beat the average donation and unlock these gaming gems:

Worms Reloaded

The turn-based combat insanity lives on! Battle solo or take on friends with a host of new over-the-top weaponry that will leave your foes wiggling for mercy. Or wiggling in laughter at how bad you suck at strategy…it all just kinda looks like wiggling to me. Design custom teams with their own speech styles, individual names and HQ. Wallop the AI or engage in some savage online multiplayer combat.

Worms Reloaded. Screenshot courtesy of Steam

The Bard’s Tale

Sub-quests are for suckers. Why fight when you can sing magical tunes that conjure others to fight for you? Take the low-road in this stinging satire of what used to be your favorite RPGs and is in fact a modern remake of one of the best of them from the 1980’s.

The Bard’s Tale: Screenshot courtesy of Steam

Fall Is a Good Time to Bundle Up

Buy in now to take full advantage of the tasty array of titles, and be on the lookout for an additional two games to join the roster. Beat the average now, and they’ll be yours when they are announced.

Need further justification? Humble Bundle is also associated with various charities, in this case you can contribute as portion of your purchase to the Electronic Frontier Foundation or Child’s Play Charity. Upon purchase, you can determine how much of your donation goes to the game devs, the charities, and the Humble Bundle folks.

There’s less than two weeks to go for this bundle, so step lively.

Update: October 22, 2013 This Larger Bundle is a Cut Above

Humble Bundle just announced the games that will join the roster for those who make a higher than average donation.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Take the edutainment classic Oregon Trail, and sprinkle liberally with zombies. The result is a deadly trek to the western United States. Rumor has it, humanity has dug in its heels there, and is offering safe haven for all who can live long enough to reach the settlement. This mash-up of genres fits together crazily well, making for low-res visuals that still deliver high excitement. Read our review of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

organ trail screenshot

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

A murder mystery in Paris reveals a vast conspiracy network. Travel the glove to solve ancient secrets, and unravel a case that the Knights of Templar would rather keep under wraps.


Anomaly Korea

Take on waves of machines bent on destroying mankind in the this gritty futuristic tower defense title.

Ticket To Ride: Europe DLC

Get even more out of your Ticket To Ride purchase with this additional content.

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