Goosey Guess Review – Making an Educated Goose

Goosey Guess game screenshot, Small Bottles
Goosey Guess Review – Making an Educated Goose

Platforms: Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Goosey Guess

Publisher: Gas Lantern Games

Developer: Gas Lantern Games

Genre: Simulation

Release Date: July 14th, 2023

Goosey Guess by Gas Lantern Games

Do you ever find yourself out in public randomly staring at a glass container filled with smaller objects? Like at a restaurant that has one of those glass jars filled with breath mints? Wondering just how many breath mints are in there?

In Goosey Guess, you can simulate this guessing game with plenty of different objects and containers.

Goosey Guess game screenshot, Batteries

Every Which Way but Goose

Each object and container is randomized, making each scenario different every time. For example, I had to guess how many marbles were inside of a cooking pot. Another time, I had to guess how many tacks were inside a water pitcher.

There are 19 objects and 21 containers, all are randomly selected, so there is plenty of variation here.

Once you do your best moving the camera around to count and estimate how many objects there are, type in a numerical guess and receive a percentage grade on your accuracy.

And if you’re skeptical, Goosey Guess also has a feature that will take out each object one by one so that you can count them if you ever feel cheated.

Make an Educated Goose

The game also allows you to choose the minimum and maximum number of objects that spawn, which is essentially a more specified difficulty adjuster. This is a nice addition for those looking for more of a challenge (or for those looking for a less brain-wracking experience).

Besides the aforementioned ability to move the camera around, the game also lets you hide the container itself to get a better view of the objects inside. This is very helpful in coming up with accurate guesses.

Goosey Guess game screenshot, Guess Gif

Guess That’s All There Is to It

Besides the main core mechanics of guessing how many objects there are, there isn’t much else to Goosey Guess.

The game has leaderboards and Twitch integration, which will add to more replayability, but Goosey Guess could use some other types of game modes to mix things up in more engaging ways.

Don’t get me wrong, the laid-back nature of the game can still offer up some fun. But without more interesting game modes, I can see some players getting bored fairly quickly.

On top of that, there aren’t a whole lot of background locations, either. The build I played only featured a kitchen and a living room area.

Groovy Goose

I would have liked to see some more environmental variation. But the developers have confirmed that they are going to add more to the game via future patches.

Goosey Guess game screenshot, Menu

Everything else presentation-wise is solid. Object physics are not glitchy and stack up on each other appropriately. Textures and objects are clearly defined, making them easy to count. Visually, the game is well done and I had no issues with it.

Goosey Guess is a laid-back simulation game with plenty of variety when it comes to objects. I did feel like it would have benefited from more interesting additional game modes, but where it stands, it’s a fun little diversion for those who just want a well-executed guessing game.

Goosey Guess is available via Steam.

Check out the official trailer for Goosey Guess below: