Get Walking Dead Epi. 1 Free, All Other Telltale Games Only 99 Cents for A Limited Time Holiday Sale

Generosity buoyed by massive critical and audience acclaim for their latest franchise release, today, leading publisher of interactive adventures Telltale Games announces that the 2012 Multiple Game of the Year-winning series The Walking Dead is offering the first episode, ‘A New Day’ as a free download for a limited time on the App Store!

Yep, just like that crack dealer you met last week told ya – “the first one is free, kid.” Because, according to TWDTG’s legion of fans, you will very likely end up coming back for more. And then, it’s a buck. But only until New Year’s Eve 2012/2013!


‘Walking Dead: The Game’ was awarded Game of the Year at the 10th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards, Wired, Yahoo! Games, Complex, Digital Trends, GamesRadar, Cheat Code Central, Destructoid and more.

So again the details are: the base application can be downloaded for free for a limited time, and includes the first episode of the award-winning series.  Episodes Two through Five can be purchased in-app individually for $4.99 USD, or save 25% by purchasing the Multi-Pack (Episodes 2-5 Bundle) for $14.99 USD.

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In addition to this limited time offering, Telltale is also temporarily discounting the price of several other apps to $0.99 USD until the New Year, including the following:

Back to the Future Ep 1 HD

Back to the Future Ep 2 HD

Back to the Future Ep 3 HD

Back to the Future Ep 4 HD

Back to the Future Ep 5 HD

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HECTOR: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists

HECTOR Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice

HECTOR Ep3 HD – Beyond Reasonable Doom

HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice

HECTOR: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom

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Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD

Jurassic Park: The Game 2 HD

Jurassic Park: The Game 3 HD

Jurassic Park: The Game 4 HD


Law & Order: Legacies

Via in-app purchase:

Episode 2: Home to Roost – US$0.99

Episode 3: Killer Smart – US$0.99

Episode 4: Nobody’s Child – US$0.99

Episode 5: Ear Witness – US$0.99

Episode 6: Side Effects – US$0.99

Episode 7: Resolution – US$0.99


Monkey Island Tales 1

Monkey Island Tales 2

Monkey Island Tales 3

Monkey Island Tales 4

Monkey Island Tales 5

Monkey Island Tales 1 HD

Monkey Island Tales 2 HD

Monkey Island Tales 3 HD

Monkey Island Tales 4 HD

Monkey Island Tales 5 HD


Puzzle Agent

Puzzle Agent HD

Puzzle Agent 2

Puzzle Agent 2 HD

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Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 2

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 3

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 4

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 5


Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad

Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad

Phew! That is a whole lot of titles for sale.

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