Geometric! The Cartoon Network Announces Adventure Time VR Game

Adventure Time Head Games header

And We’ll Sail Away To Virtual Lands

Adventure Time Head Games header
The Cartoon Network has announced its first virtual reality game, bolstering the publisher’s reputation for releasing innovative gaming experiences. Finn and Jake are set to take their bizarre antics into a whole new dimension in Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games.

The CN team promises an experience that will feature excellent visual quality as players explore the colorful world of Ooo. While trekking through the landscape, the affable rabbit-ear-hat-sporting Finn and his stretchy canine companion Jake will engage in combat and traverse obstacles in ways that are best experienced in a virtual gaming environment. All dialogue in the game is performed by the vocal cast of the highly celebrated Adventure Time cartoon show, so players can expect to be barraged by bizarre and hilarious banter throughout.

Let’s Go Kick Their Digital Bootays!

Previous Adventure Time games have enjoyed enormous success on numerous platforms, having sold more than 17 million copies across all titles. Cartoon Network’s intention to move into the VR market with such a prominent franchise is a strong indication that this technology is gaining in popular mindshare.

The game is currently available for Samsung Gear. Other platform announcements are expected in the near future.

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