Free Game Download: Wroom is 4-Player parkour for cars

Free Game Download: Wroom is 4-Player parkour for cars



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Jonas Johansson, David Rothelius


Racing game

Wroom is a whimsical, stylish, physics-driven racing game that can be played solo, trying to beat your own ghost, or four person multi-player.

Drawing inspiration from classic games such as Elasto Mania and Line Rider, Wroom combines the playful spirit and puzzle solving elements of these titles with a faster, parkour type of gameplay. Players will find themselves jumping over obstacles, bouncing off walls, driving through water and clinging ledges on their way to the goal. The multi-player mode is great in that the controls are assigned to four different spots on the same keyboard which at first seems cumbersome but actually turns it into more of a party game.

While there are really only L-R driving and L-R braking controls, fun can be had by accelerating and hitting the brake at the same time which sends your little VW bug into somersault mode.


The 16-bit soundtrack is OK, but can become a bit tedious after extended play. With ultra-smooth graphics and light, cheery color palette, Wroom is a fun and well-crafted racer and as it is available free (donations are accepted at their site) you can’t really go wrong.

Wroom was developed by Jonas Johansson and David Rothelius.

Update: The Wroom game site has since been blacklisted by Google. We have removed it for security purposes until further notice.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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