Fallen Legion+ Review – An Appealing yet Intense Action RPG

fallen legion
Fallen Legion+ Review – An Appealing yet Intense Action RPG

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Steam

Game Name: Fallen Legion+

Publisher: YummyYummyTummy

Developer: YummyYummyTummy, Mintsphere

Genre: Action, RPG

Release Date: January 5th, 2018

Fallen Legion from YummyYummyTummy

A combination of visually appealing environments, intense combat, and on-your-feet decision making kept me on my toes in Fallen Legion. Originally released for PlayStation 4, I had the luxury of embarking through the action RPG via Steam, controller gripped firmly in my tiny hands.

The beauty of this fast-paced adventure grants the opportunity of undergoing two different – yet complementary – perspectives of the crumbling realm. Being as I very much enjoy thriving as a female lead, I took the reigns as Princess Cecille, accompanied by a sarcastic talking grimoire. We had one heck of a journey together. To state that YummyYummyTummy did a remarkable job producing an appealing yet intense action adventure is an understatement.

Taking Command

Starting with an array of introductory features, Fallen Legion walks players through basic mechanics and incorporates examples into its riveting combat system. An assortment of varied techniques (combos, deathblows, and link attacks) spices up the typical hack ’n’ slash combat system usually displayed in similar escapades.

fallen legion combat

Commanding up to four fighters simultaneously is exhausting for the eyeballs but worth the dried sockets when triumphant. Luckily, between hordes of enemies, Fallen Legion allows you to breathe and maybe blink a couple of times before confronting the next flock. Those accompanying Cecille are assigned buttons on the controller or keyboard, depending on your preference for kicking butt.

When their Attack Point meter runs empty, a minuscule waiting game occurs until it replenishes. Nonetheless, button-smashing attacks and spells became second nature to me. I accumulated combos without even knowing I was doing it.

Shields Up!

Even though button-smashing is fun and effective (most of the time), the enemies naturally retaliate. Guarding their attacks with the appropriate button not only delays the deterioration of health but also regenerates the fighter’s AP faster. The only trivial issue with guarding attacks resorts back to timing. The instance of throwing up that shield is only useful if the enemy is attacking at that exact moment. Precision and timing go hand and hand – I felt like a bad-ass when I’d master both.

Boss battles, including fire-breathing dragons, confront the party at the finishing line of a stage. Radical combos and death-blows significantly decreases their health and defense, but being mindful of the boss’s next attack is important. No one wants to be burnt to a crisp. Rotating party members can come in handy, too. For example, a party member equipped with a bow succeeds more frequently in the back of the attack line compared to a knight baring a bulky sword. Common sense is a magical thing.

fallen legion dragon

Report Cards and Outcome Cards

At the end of a stage, a letter grade reflects the following skills: Defense, Offense, and Technique. An average of all three scores determines the final ranking, along with the occasional increase of a party member’s stats. I must admit, it is incredibly embarrassing when my abilities are classified at an average C. Even if it is accurate, I don’t like it. Fortunately, replaying a level and upping that distasteful grade is optional if you’re an overachiever. Go big or go home.

As I previously mentioned, Fallen Legion offers an abundance of choices to be made in a timely manner. Questions related to the kingdom, minor or significant, typically emerge between battles during a stage. Three possible outcome cards come into play, along with influential attributes.

One action may increase a party member’s strength but reduce their maximum HP by a fixed percentage. Every verdict is a give and take. Depending on what choices have been made depends on the character’s morale. This fancy little bar generates at the world map and displays how well-liked (or loathed) the character is.

fallen legion choice

Kingdom Heart and Soul

Though the story is a bit of a head-scratcher at first, the eccentric names of towns and acquaintances begin to have meaning once you come across them enough. Well…sort of. Luckily, Fallen Legion provides players with a full background story of the empire. I always found it rewarding to investigate the deeper history of the video game I was playing, especially if I invested my heart and soul into it.

Fallen Legion is one of the better adventures I have encountered recently. Anyone who as much as glances at this game can recognize how much love went into creating it. Though the story may be difficult to follow, the fast-paced combat brings players closer to revealing events consequential to the crumbling empire.

Though I’ve only experienced the brave princess Cecille’s side of the story, an entirely different perspective awaits. That’s the charm of Fallen Legion – you get to experience both sides of the story.

Fallen Legion is available via Steam, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

[xrr rating=”4.5/5″]

Watch the official Steam trailer for Fallen Legion below:

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