Dark Side: Embrace Your Inner Demon in 1C’s Latest King’s Bounty Adventure

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Take Pride in your Dark Side

The engrossing, award-winning tactics RPG franchise King’s Bounty (and his buddy the Armored Princess) is set to expand with a new tale wherein developers 1C Company turn the kingdom upside down in King’s Bounty Dark Side, the latest chapter in the franchise’s mythos.

The a rampaging force comprised of humans, elves, and a band of fearsome vampire hunters lay waste to Atrixus. You must lead one of three different armies of Darkness as you attempt to fend off this threat to your homeland. You can select to play as an Orc warrior chief, a crafty Demoness, or a magic-wielding Vampire, and each group comes with its own powers and abilities. Regardless of your choice, all of these groups are destined to join forces against the forces of Light. Failure to unite these groups under one banner could mean the total extinction of all three clans.

indie_game_reviewer_kings_bounty_dark_side_ announcement
King’s Bounty: Dark Side – screenshot courtesy of 1C Company

It’s Adventure Time! C’mon, Grab Your Friends

Dark Side will feature a new companion system, with each character having his or her own useful critters guarding your flank. The game also will introduce new combat units, and rage maneuvers, all of which have the potential to add some wicked fun.

There are over 100 quests to take on and a slew of new areas to explore. While the series tends to make auxiliary changes rather than large-scale aesthetic overhauls, we hope that the additions in latest installment will liven things up again after the solid, but otherwise status-quo offering that was Warriors of the North [link to our review], and a very awkward MMO launch. Crossworlds and Armored Princess, however, were highly successful additions, so here’s to more of that!

For more information about King’s Bounty: Dark Side, visit the official website.

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