Review: Tricone Lab

Tricone Lab by Partickhill Games Limited is a fantastic puzzle game thanks to its great level design and fun mechanics. I readily recommend it. Read more…

Review: Downwell

Downwell from indie developer Moppin, is a free falling action platformer that delivers

Review: Malebolgia

Malebolgia is an uneven mix of beautifully illustrated scenes inspired by Dante’s Inferno marred by clumsy combat scenes. Read our full review.

Review: Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice is a medieval turn-based strategy RPG that combines elements of permadeath, random chance, and selective breeding. Read more…

10 (More) Spooky Indie Games for Halloween

After our original blood-curdling list of spooky indie games, here is a brand new batch of zany, macabre, malevolently morbid Boogeymen to keep pixel-junkies awake at night…