Tricone Lab Screenshot - Cones

Review: Tricone Lab

Tricone Lab by Partickhill Games Limited is a fantastic puzzle game thanks to its great level design and fun mechanics. I readily recommend it. Read more…


Review: Downwell

Downwell from indie developer Moppin, is a free falling action platformer that delivers

Malebolgia, a looming statue

Review: Malebolgia

Malebolgia is an uneven mix of beautifully illustrated scenes inspired by Dante’s Inferno marred by clumsy combat scenes. Read our full review.

Massive Chalice - City Battle

Review: Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice is a medieval turn-based strategy RPG that combines elements of permadeath, random chance, and selective breeding. Read more…

We're Coming to Get You

10 (More) Spooky Indie Games for Halloween

After our original blood-curdling list of spooky indie games, here is a brand new batch of zany, macabre, malevolently morbid Boogeymen to keep pixel-junkies awake at night…