Kwaan Tree

Kwaan - An Indie Game Review

Kwaan, developed by Ankama, presents a unique pixel editor and an entrancing atmosphere populated with tiny creatures of nature. Read our full review.


Energy Cycle - An Indie Game Review

Energy Cycle follows up Energy Balance by replacing number puzzles with more graphically focused ones, but loses some of its depth in the process. Read our full review.

Pony Island screenshot Firin' Mah Lazers

Pony Island - An Indie Game Review

In Pony Island, what starts as a charming retro action game about frolicking ponies quickly becomes a nightmarish escape from the clutches of the devil. Read our full review.

The Oil Blue: Review

The Oil Blue is an unexpectedly fun time management game about extracting and selling oil. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty and dive right into our full review.