Indie Game Reviewer Top 10 Indie games 2015

Top 10 Indie Games 2015

Indie Game Reviewer proudly presents its top ten indie video games of 2015 along with some honorable mentions.


Review: The Curse of Issyos

The Curse of Issyos from indie game developer Locamalito claims inspiration from stop motion genius Ray Harryhausen. Does it make the leap? Read on.

Review - Thea: The Awakening

Thea: The Awakening is an experiment in multiple genres that pays off with unique gameplay that is at once both innovative and familiar. Read our full review.


Review: Volume

Volume is a top-down isometric puzzle-stealth game from indie game developer Mike Bithell, whose last release, Thomas Was Alone, won our hearts. Read more…

Armikrog - Screenshot 8 (GDC 2015)

Review: Armikrog

From the makers of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood comes an eye-popping claymation adventure game. Read our full Armikrog review…


Review: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is a retro platform puzzler that’s more relaxing than frustrating, due in large part to its excellent soundtrack (and despite some repetitive tendencies). Read our full review.