The Deadly Tower of Monsters: screenshot courtesy of Steam

Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a B-movie science fiction sensation disguised as a video game! Or is the other way around? Read our review to find out.

corgi warlock screenshot golem

Corgi Warlock: An Indie Game Review

Wage a magic war with the Corgi Warlock. Join up to three friends on a quest to smack down the Skeleton Bunny King’s evil army. Read our full review.

Suits game screenshot, combat scene

Review - Suits: A Business RPG

Suits: A Business RPG looks like a satire of corporate capitalism, but it’s really more of a collection of random, office-related jokes in JRPG format. Fix that tie and read our review.

Bloxivity Review

Review: Bloxitivity

In Bloxitivity, you must move colored cubes to their designated spot. It’s way more devious than it sounds. Read our full review.

ZombieVikings Super Seagurd

Review: Zombie Vikings

Odin’s eye is stolen by Loki! Rise up and chase down the mischievous trickster in this off-beat side-scrolling brawler. Read our full review.