plantera level up

Plantera - An Indie Game Review

In a world of pure happy plantations, Plantera warms the heart of its players. Put on your gardening gloves and read our full review.

AI: Rampage game screenshot 3

AI: Rampage - An Indie Game Review

AI: Rampage offers a brutal and intriguing post-apocalypse complete with Terminator-inspired killer robots, but suffers from some odd build choices and a non-existent narrative. Read our full review.

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The Witness - An Indie Game Review

Jonathan Blow strikes gold again with The Witness. Solve hundreds of puzzles on an island that houses a great secret. Read our full review.

Dub Dash game screenshot 4

Dub Dash - An Indie Game Review

German indie game developer Incodra claims that Dub Dash – their hybrid rhythm/action platformer – is the hardest game you’ll ever play. They may be right. Read the full review…

PulseCharge - An Indie Game Review

PulseCharge is an old school platformer with just enough soft edges to keep newcomers to the genre from getting frustrated. Do you have the “heart” to face its challenges? Read on…